Volunteers are vital members of the Georgia Mountains Hospice Team, who help families handle illness, loss and grief. In fact, many times those who have experienced grief and the loss of a loved one become some of the most effective volunteers. Volunteering can truly make a difference in someone’s life as well as offer great rewards for the volunteer.

Training orientation is offered on the first Tuesday of every other month. Just bring a caring heart and willingness to serve.

Direct Patient Care

  • Sitting with patients
  • Reading or singing to patients
  • Grocery shopping or running errands
  • Hair styling
  • Writing letters or mailing cards

Bereavement Support

  • Making phone calls to grieving families
  • Writing letters to families
  • Sending care packages


  • Filing
  • Copying
  • Answering phones

Special Needs

  • Blanket drives
  • Party set-up
  • Speaking engagements
  • Health fairs

Internships Coordinated with Local Colleges and Universities

  • Social work
  • Medical assistant
  • Specific trade programs
To learn more, call 800-692-7199 or email Gina Pendley