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Hospital Services

Hospice provides in-patient hospital services in hospitals that partner with our organization.

We coordinate our efforts with your physician and offer aggressive symptom management as needed.

Please note that if you need hospital services not related to your hospice admission illness it will not impact your hospice services.

We also offer respite care, up to five days of hospital care, including room and board for the patient. This level of care offers the patient and their family some much needed relief.

Bereavement and Grief Support

Feeling lost and overwhelmed by grief after a loved one dies is a normal, natural response. Sometimes the best way to express grief is with others who are experiencing the same feelings of loss.

Georgia Mountains Hospice offers bereavement and grief support to families and friends of loved ones for a minimum of 13 months after the death. We do this with individual counseling provided by trained professionals and through group sessions.

Home Care, Nursing Home, Assisted Living

Regardless of where you call home – a private residence, nursing home, or assisted living facility – Georgia Mountains Hospice is available to help you and your family. Together with you and your physician, we can determine if hospice is right for you. The process begins with a consultation visit; we explain our services and get a better understanding of your needs. Upon admission, we can provide:

  • nursing support and personal care
  • additional therapy options
  • and medical equipment and supplies

As importantly, we offer professional counselors, social workers, chaplains, and bereavement coordinators who can help with emotional and spiritual needs.

To learn more, call us at 800-692-7199